Vinay Chaudhary and Gokul Sharma, started there journey with SaleAdda in 2013, it was the first kick in IT world.Our team worked hard but failure is the first step towards success.In late 2016 we decided to shut down the whole process.But for us, that was a power nap.We get up again, this time with a much clear vision, with some enhanced knowledge, and we named our company 
"CodLog Labs Pvt Ltd".


“Vinay Chaudhary has done engineering in Electronics & Communication.Currently he holds the position of Business Developer in the company.He is very good in executing strategies, with having back up of PLAN B.Vinay is also good in social engineering and have interaction with large number of professionals ”

“Gokul Sharma has done engineering is Computer Science.Currently he holds position of Web Developer in the company.He is good in handling code, developing panels and take care of all technical tasks.Gokul is responsible for all the online activities for the company, from development to social platforms.”